Underground Etiquette

While walking the streets of London gives you an amazing feel for the place, sometimes you just need to hop on a tube. London has one of the most complex underground systems in the world, that stretches out like a spider’s web, but if you read our handy tips you’ll be seasoned professionals in no time.

  1. Buy an Oyster card – every Londoner’s favourite accessory. It gives unlimited access to tube and buses within all London travel zones. It’s ‘pay as you go’ and will automatically calculate the best value fare for all the journeys you make in a single day.
  2. Always have your Oyster card to hand when entering or exiting the underground system. Halting to search your pockets is considered a faux pas. Even if the gates are open you must still touch in and out otherwise you will be charged the maximum fare.
  3. Pick up a tube map from The Beaufort or any underground station– an invaluable help in finding the best route, even if at first glance it looks like a mad scrawl of colour.
  4. Avoid scathing looks from hassled commuters by standing to the right hand side of the escalators.
  5. When in doubt ‘ask’. We know we have a reputation for seeming aloof, but actually Londoners are glad to help and are usually pretty savvy on negotiating London transport