Shop til you drop at the January sales

The Beaufort is a great base from which to hit the shops at this all important sale time. London has fabulous discounts throughout high street and designer stores, with markdowns of 50% or more. If you are looking for the ultimate bargain, then look no further.

Harrods January sale is considered the sale to end all sales. With a lavish celebrity opening and shoppers queuing down Brompton Road, often having camped out overnight, this is equivalent to a rugby scrum with a win at the end. If you want to pick up a 16-piece dinner service or that Gucci bag for a bargain price, then the queues and the crowds are worth the effort. Wear your trainers and don’t be put off by the elbows and toe stepping.

Other great sales include Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, John Lewis and Fenwick’s.