Enjoying the public gardens of London

For visitors and locals alike, London offers many public gardens around the city that are accessible to the general public.  The facilities provide a way for you to enjoy nature and a green landscape amid the hustle and bustle of the city.

The garden at Kensington Palace

The provisions of each garden vary; for guests of the Beaufort Hotel I’ve selected three gardens that are near Knightsbridge and all offer free admission (not including Kensington Gardens pictured above of course, which is just down the road).

The Wildlife Garden

Accessible via the main entrance to the Natural History Museum, The Wildlife Garden is open to the public on Saturday and Sundays from noon to 5pm.

The Wildlife Garden, Natural History Museum

The Wildlife Garden was originally opened in 1995 as the Natural History Museum’s first living and working exhibition to highlight representative nature like woodland, chalk meadow and ponds.  It’s wildlife conservation in the city at its best.

As a former winner of the Brighter Kensington and Chelsea Scheme President’s Trophy and Wildlife Garden Award 2012 and the Green Flag Award 2012, the garden showcases British lowland habitats in a safe haven with more than 2,000 British plant and animal species on show.

Carlyles House

In the heart of Old Chelsea is Carlyles House, open on Saturday’s between 11am and 4.30pm.

Carlyles House

Entered via 24 Cheyne Row, Carlyle’s House opened as a museum in 1895 and is now owned by the National Trust.  The house was formerly rented for almost 50 years by the Victorian writer Thomas Carlyle and his wife, Jane.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the peace offered in the walled garden with a yard paved with flagstones, flowerbeds an earth closet as well as fruit trees and lilac bushes.

Thrive Battersea: Old English and Herb Garden

Located at Battersea Park (to the left of Albert Gate) are two gardens; the Old English and Herb Garden.

Open to the public at weekends from 11am to 5pm, the gardens provide beautiful greenery, testimony to the efforts of Thrive.

Thrive is a national charity using gardening to improve lives.  The garden project in Battersea Park commends the skills and commitment of the charity’s beneficiaries – disabled people from across south and west London.

In 2012, a stunning renovation of the Old English Garden was revealed by Thrive, winning the London in Bloom award for the best community garden in the capital city.  The Old English Garden provides a great environment to relax whilst enjoying the scenic environment.

Old English Garden

Alternatively, the Herb Garden provides plants (including those featured in the Old English Garden) for sale, ideal for those hoping to recreate their own interpretation.

If you’re staying at the Beaufort Hotel then be sure to add the gardens to your must-see list.  It’s a fantastic way to see the serene nature that London has to offer.

Colleen Williams is the founder of Ad-lib Traveller, a travel blog that shares that her passion for destinations around the world. With the flexibility to consider low, mid-range and luxury budgets, Colleen regularly enjoys global travel fulfilling her aim to experience new cultures. In addition to the blog, Colleen is available on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Photo Credits: National Trust, Thrivedavidshort, gailf548