Fun Christmas Markets near The Beaufort

Across London the countdown to Christmas has begun. With a chill in the air, nights drawing in, mince pies and decorations already in the shops, it’s not long before the shop windows are decorated and the Christmas lights are switched on. Traditional Christmas Markets return to the capital with food, drink and unique gifts on offer and The Beaufort is ideally located with many within an hour’s walk of the hotel. Continue reading “Fun Christmas Markets near The Beaufort” »

London’s fountain pen shops

Want to buy a fountain pen? Of course you could try the internet – but there’s no substitute for actually getting your hands on a pen, and seeing how it lays down the ink. And fortunately, London has some pretty good shops which can let you do exactly that.

You could try the department stores. Fortnum and Mason, though it’s best known for its food hall, has a quiet but spacious stationery department – all carpeted hush and wooden display cases. It carries a good cross-section of different styles of pen; the Faber Castell pens have a somewhat modernist German feel, with lots of luxury woods like cocobolo, pernambuco, and ebony, and gleaming silver caps; Yard-o-Led make rather Victorian pens in silver; and Conway Stewart, very classical pens with a surprisingly rich range of colours.

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Winter Delights of London

Ugh. It’s definitely winter again! The streets of London are paved with gold, they say, but at this time of year it’s only rain on tarmac reflecting the street lights.

But if the weather is rarely a delight, London offers many winter consolations to make up for it. The Oxford Street and Regent Street lights make Christmas shopping much more fun, particularly with late opening (don’t bother going in the daytime when the lights make no impact at all).  Even better, there are traffic-free shopping days including on Boxing Day.

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Competition: win a £50 Harrods shopping voucher and cream tea!

If you go for a little walk from our hotel along Beaufort Gardens and round the corner onto Brompton Road, you can’t help but bump into the world’s favourite department store, Harrods.  And if you’re visiting in January you are likely to see the queue of shoppers waiting for the doors to open to the sale, which makes The Beaufort the ideal base from which to do some sale shopping in London.

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